Our Story

In 1866, the first map of Fall Creek Township was developed and all the one-room schoolhouses that were to be constructed were assigned locations and numbers.

For some unknown reason, our schoolhouse was designated to be number 8, but it ended up becoming #7 when it was built and opened in 1900.

Because of it's desire to be #7, we wanted to capture that number in our name. All of our pricing ends in "7" and we have a special celebration on the 7th day of each month to keep the history of the building alive.


You will find a "7" made out of the original building bricks in the concrete floor on the main floor of our café. 

School House 7, 2018 - Present 

12125 Cyntheanne Road, Fishers, IN 46037

Tel: (317)-485-7717

Sunday: 8:00am-4pm



Thursday and Friday:


Saturday: 8:00am-7pm

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